About Icy Run

Welcome to the home of the much loved casual game, Icy Run, where you help a cute penguin named Icy make it back home by creating a series of paths with the swipe of your finger.

The main character is Icy, a curious penguin from the South Pole who often stared at the ocean wondering what he might find on the other side. One day, Icy jumped into the ocean and didn’t look back. He eventually found dry land. The problem was that the land was too dry for him! It was a desert. Everyone knows a penguin can’t survive in the desert. This is where you come in. Help Icy find his way back home to the South Pole!

Guide Icy across the screen using paths you custom create with your finger. Move Icy along, from the desert, through various landscapes and back home. Avoid several dangers while collecting points, food, and survival gear along the way.

Keep in mind that the faster you move, the more points you gain.

What to watch out for:

Now try it for yourself and have fun. Go Go Go!

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